Autumn all around

Summer, and all of it’s lying down doing almost nothing months are gone. How can i tell this? All TV series are coming back with new episodes: House hooked up with Cuddy; Chuck and Blair are over for good, Dan has a baby and Serena is single; Jack and all the others are dead; Charlie […]


Sâmb?t?, mind 6 martie, cetatea Oradea. Un cutremur ipotetic. 10 victime. 3 scenarii. Romanian Rescue Association a venit în salvarea lor. Primul scenariu: 3 victime în ?an?ul cet??ii ?i una sus pe zid. Una din cele 3 c?zuse de pe zid. Dou? echipaje de 3 membri au ocolit ?i au intervenit la cazurile mai pu?in […]