Vodafone pregătește ceva. Ce o fi?

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Pân? acum eu m? gândesc c? sunt despre noul sezon de Voluntar de Profesie proasp?t lansat, and sau de o campanie nou? de CSR. Am mai zis în glum? c? ar putea fi o campanie de sus?inere a unui candidat la prim?ria capitalei.

Voi ce crede?i c? preg?te?te Vodafone? 😀

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Social Media Summit

A few days ago i attended Social Media Summit in Timisoara. Here’s what i left the event with:

– “at a conference try to leave with at least one idea from each speaker” – via Manafu;
– Social Media in Banat and Ardeal: 1st Cluj, 2nd Timisoara, 3rd Sibiu and 4th Oradea. It seems we have a bit of catching up to do – via Bleau;
– not all social networks are social media;
– “you’re not a SM Expert just because you have a twitter or facebook account, like you’re not a pianist just because you have a piano” – via Catalin Tenita;
– “Every company, organization or brand has an online presence weather they like it or not” – via Victor Kapra;
– “no viral on social media” if you have not established a relation with your fans first – via Bleau;
– sounds like a nice tool; can’t wait to play with it a bit – via Alen Todorov;
– “underpromise and overdeliver in social media” – via Grant McKenzie;
– niche blogs are small in Romania because nobody invests in them and no one invests in niche blogs because they are small – via zoso;
– Kaspersky: “We give or info/details too easily”;
– twice as many people look at photos compared to people uploading photos; they take advantage of privacy options – via Tudor Cimpoesu;
– if someone were to make a blue phone right now it would be a hit – at least in Romania;
– “Twitter campaigns are not only carried out on Twitter” – via Chinezu;
– “the early bird ends up on Twitter” – via Chinezu;
– you can make a presentation using only songs – people find it funny;
– 80% of bloggers in Romania prefer to be contacted trough an email first – via dece;
– “No matter what you do, you have to be in a certain way: funny, useful or new”.

That’s about it. Sorry for the late review. If anyone has some other ideas they remembered and wish to share please leave a comment… 😀

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