KISC ep. 8 – Staff Stuff

As you’ve probably guessed from the title this episode is more “Pinkie” oriented (a pinkie is a Staff member at KISC).
We’ve had 3 Night Out with all Staff members so far: games night at Blümlisalp, chocolate fondue night at the Centre and ice-cream night at Dessies. Dessies has the best ice cream in the world – it sure has the best I’ve had so far…

Also we had to make the Staff Board (a huge board with all our pictures). That didn’t go as smoothly as i first predicted but we finished it on time:

So, what do you think of the Staff Board?

Staff Members also have the possibility to join a few improvement teams. I have joined the PRMIT (PR & Marketing Improvement Team). As a member of the team i will set up a few social media services for the Center such as Google Alerts, install Google Analytics for the Center’s Facebook fan page and try to improve engagement from the Center’s Twitter account. All these will happen as soon as possible because we don’t have access to all of them just yet…

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KISC ep. 7 – Earth Hour

Yesterday was a very full day for me at KISC. I was in catering witch is usually nice and rather easy, ask but yesterday i was also on duty so during all breaks i had the duty phone with me and also from 6 to 10:30 in the evening. During my break, capsule i ran into the village to buy some marshmallows for the Earth Hour camp fire.

Because of the weather there was no more camp fire, but we still turned off all the lights and ate the marshmallows in the Staff Room while singing. Here is a small sample:

Did you turn off your lights? 😛

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KISC ep. 6

After a really nice day yesterday (…it snowed so nice), today i am on duty. This means i have to stay close to the phone to answer any calls and/or questions. I would also have to do the check-ins after office hours if there are any and make sure everything is off. Also, i am sort of in charge of the Earth Hour camp fire and marshmallow roast. I will probably take some photos or a movie during EA, but until then, here is yesterday’s nice snowfall:
What do you think? 😛

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KISC ep. 5 – Day Off

Today i had a day off from the normal activity at the centre. In the morning i just enjoyed the village: walking about and having a coffee on a terrace in the sun light. I also got a haircut. 😛

In the second part of the day i went on hike: a great opportunity for landscape picture taking. Here is a small teaser: The rest of the photos are here.

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KISC ep. 4 – Graduation Day

Yesterday was graduation day and all 10 of us made it to the KISC Spring Staff 2010. We’re Pinkies now!!! 😀

The graduation ceremony was really nice. First a fondue evening with all the Staff and Marc Lombard, ex Director of the Center. Than we had a hike towards a camp fire but along the way we met all the “longtermers” which gave us a quote or an advice for the next 3 months. It was awesome! If you want to know what was said or see how it went you really have to come as Staff. Not even pictures could give you an accurate description.

Before graduation we had a meeting with mr. Cronk, chairman of the World Scout Committee. Those were a really nice few minutes. He’s really a nice person, with interesting views about scouting and very modest. The thing that really got stuck in my mind was that he said we could actually be 50 million scouts in the world not just 28 million as the official count is. This is because some countries don’t give an accurate count to the Committee. For example they knew there are 19.000 scouts in some country, but on a visit there they actually found 125.000 scouts.

But getting back to the subject of the post, we’re now working on our Staff Board. It will be a table, the table cloth will have the KISC crystal printed on it and all the people will be puzzle pieces. There will also be some extra pieces in one corner. And the season will be made up of a broken coffee mug from coffee stains. I’m really curious what it will look like. If you might have any ideas i would really appreciate if you could leave a comment…

I will follow-up with photos of the Board and of me in KISC pink. 😛

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