Life… likes and dislikes

I’ve gotten to that moment when i realize what “live goes on” means. I came back from KISC with big plans: running for the NORS board as International Commissioner. Unfortunately (i thought at that time), the general assembly did not choose me. After a 48 hour trip just to run for a position in the board willing to do what only other 8 people in the whole organization were willing to do: keep scouting alive in Romania.

But now, after having a bit of time since that moment i see it turned out for the best. I was appointed Executive in the International Department and i have more time for myself. I also realized that when a door closes at least two other ones open for you if you know where to look. It took me a few more months to finish university but i got to spend the best 3 months of my life in Kandersteg doing what i love: scouting. It was there, that i came across the perfect Masters for me: International Events Management. It’s perfect because it integrates all the things i like and learned in the past years.

To continue looking for open doors i decided to start with the one leading inside. So, to begin with, i read the book “Who am I?” by Mihail Musat. The book is made out of a series of questions you have to answer to yourself, thus making you say out loud how things are and accept reality so you know where you start from.

There ware two questions i could not answer though: “What are the things others like about me?” and “Why do they like those things?”. So, maybe you guys can help me and say in a comment what you like about me and why and if you wish also what you don’t like and why. I really look forward to read your comments. They will be a foundation for my future development to know what to improve.

And as an early thank you…

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