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I just found this awesome thing: Blog Copy.

Blog Copy is a tool designed to monitor the content that’s being copied by your visitors.


Valuable Feedback On Your Content
Visitors read your posts. They copy what they find relevant to their search. You find out instantly what exactly they copied from your blog. That is valuable feedback on your content. Use it to understand what keywords attract more users, but especially to eliminate what hasn’t raised anyone’s attention.

Useful Feed Forward For Your Blog
Once you access the Stats in your BlogCopy account, you become fully aware not only of what’s worth reading on your blog, but mostly of who’s promoting your content, free of charge. You can see exactly who has been copying content from your site and use that information to further promote your website and build your brand.

Full Control Over User Engagement
BlogCopy is a rich source of instant information that is being delivered to the world because your readers found it interesting and worth mentioning in the first place. Thanks to their copy-pasting of your content, you can now generate more visits and page views just by taking a look at what exactly they copied from your blog. Then just simply give them more of that.

Sustainable Results
By following the steps above you will improve your search engine ranking and even get credit when your content is being copied. That means money and reputation. What else is there?

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Bogdan Pater

Blogger, trainer, de profesie inginer, dar înainte de toate un voluntar implicat în comunitate, dedicat ideii de a schimba în bine lumea în care trăiește. În ultimii ani Bogdan a fost activ implicat în campanii de comunicare online pentru instituții la nivel local și central, evenimente, companii și ONG-uri.

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