If i were…

Just got another tag on facebook, malady so here it is:

If i were a month, sale i would be – December
If i were a day of the week, sovaldi sale i would be – Saturday
If i were a time of day, i would be – Night
If i were a see animal, i would be – Shark
If i were a virtue, i would be – Honesty
If i were a historycal figure, i would be – mos Ion Roata
If i were a planet, i would be – Pluto
If i were a liquid, i would be – Jagermeister
If i were a rock, i would be – Limestone
If i were a bird, i would be – Penguin
If i were a flower, i would be – Edelweiss
If i were a type a weather, i would be – Snowy
If i were a musical instrument, i would be – Drums
If i were a mood, i would be – Happyness
Is i were a sound, i would be – Ghhnneeewwww!!! (Chewbacca sound)
If i were a chemical element, i would be – Gold (according to facebook)
If i were a song, i would be – Cargo – Aproape de voi
If i were a movie, i would be – Goodfellas
If i were a tv show, i would be – Gossip girl
If i were a book, i would be – Winnetou
If i were a fictional charecter, i would be – Easter Bunny
If i were a tyoe of food, i would be – Shawarma
If i were a taste, i would be – Sweet
If i were a flavour, i would be – Minth
If i were a colour, i would be – Blue
If i were a word, i would be – Supermegaultragroovy
If i were a boddy part, i would be – Eye
If i were a face expresion, i would be – Smyle
If i were a cartoon character, i would be – Scrappy Doo
If i were a number, i would be – 7 or 13
If i were a car, i would be – Toyota Prius
If i were a piece of clothing, i wolud be – Red-blue t-shirt

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Bogdan Pater

Blogger, trainer, de profesie inginer, dar înainte de toate un voluntar implicat în comunitate, dedicat ideii de a schimba în bine lumea în care trăiește. În ultimii ani Bogdan a fost activ implicat în campanii de comunicare online pentru instituții la nivel local și central, evenimente, companii și ONG-uri.

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