Short jokes

Q. What’s the advantage of having group sex?
A. If you have something to do, you can always leave…

Q. When will World Hunger start?
A. When the Chinese start eating with a spoon.

Q. How did the Chinese crack Pentagon security?
A. They each tried a password.

Q. Is there something to take away the smell of onion?
A. Yes, garlic.

Q. Why are there more men then monkeys?
A. Because sex in a tree is not very comfortable!

Q. Is it true that impotent men live longer?
A. Yes, but for nothing.

Q. What is the resemblance between a guillotine and alcohol?
A. They both make you loose your head!

Q. Why are lions kept in cages?
A. They would drown in an aquarium.

Q. Why did God invent man?
A. Because a vibrator could not bring money home.

Q. When does a man consider a candle lit dinner?
A. When the power is off.

Q. When is a man good company for a woman?
A. When the man owns the company!

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