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High above me

Saptamana asta m-a obsedat o melodie geniala. E din 1999, dar abia acum am dat de ea. Tal Bachman – She’s so high above me:

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Eath Hour – Oradea

And we made the news with Earth Hour…


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One down…

Today i have finished my work for the new ONCR(National Organization of Romanian Scouts) flyer.

Since this summer a Romanian Contingent, viagra that i am in charge of, help will be attending RoverWay09 in Iceland, and we did not have any presentation materials we have started working on a flyer. My part was to get the information it will contain.

So, most likely, from the flyer one will be able to find out about the history and structure of ONCR, about age groups and their framework, about our most successful activities and our partnerships and last but not least a few contact info.

Now that we have the content we are working on the design and layout. When it is done i will share it with you here.

So, as i was saying: one down, more to go…


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Earth Hour 2009

Like i said before, try the scouts in Oradea are working with the Rotaract club to make an “Earth Hour” event. Last year we managed to get the lights turned off at the city hall and at the theatre. This year we have planned a rezing awarness campaign in the city. We will hand out flyers to the people and create an online comunnity for Earth Hour supporters from Oradea. Also we have planned a small scout concert if we manage to find someone with a guitar 😛

Meanwhile, view here is the Romanian version of the Earth Hour Campaign. It has a number of celebrities promoting the event and hopefully it will have a huge impact.


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Punches to the face

Interesting slow motion punches that captures the full impact of a punch blow in slow motion goodness on different kinds of faces. The song in the background is ‘Sweaty (Shazam Remix)’ by Muscles.

It’s very scientific and I learned a lot about physics and anatomy and how they should have thrown a brick instead.


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