KISC ep. 4 – Graduation Day

Yesterday was graduation day and all 10 of us made it to the KISC Spring Staff 2010. We’re Pinkies now!!! 😀

The graduation ceremony was really nice. First a fondue evening with all the Staff and Marc Lombard, ex Director of the Center. Than we had a hike towards a camp fire but along the way we met all the “longtermers” which gave us a quote or an advice for the next 3 months. It was awesome! If you want to know what was said or see how it went you really have to come as Staff. Not even pictures could give you an accurate description.

Before graduation we had a meeting with mr. Cronk, chairman of the World Scout Committee. Those were a really nice few minutes. He’s really a nice person, with interesting views about scouting and very modest. The thing that really got stuck in my mind was that he said we could actually be 50 million scouts in the world not just 28 million as the official count is. This is because some countries don’t give an accurate count to the Committee. For example they knew there are 19.000 scouts in some country, but on a visit there they actually found 125.000 scouts.

But getting back to the subject of the post, we’re now working on our Staff Board. It will be a table, the table cloth will have the KISC crystal printed on it and all the people will be puzzle pieces. There will also be some extra pieces in one corner. And the season will be made up of a broken coffee mug from coffee stains. I’m really curious what it will look like. If you might have any ideas i would really appreciate if you could leave a comment…

I will follow-up with photos of the Board and of me in KISC pink. 😛

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KISC ep.3 – D DAY

Today was “D Day”, remedy the official make fun of the new guys day. We were waken up by a siren and this stupid/funny song in german at 6:30. We got to dress up funny, cheap put on facepaint and start a long to do list. We got a quiz about the Long Term Staff, cialis a list of pictures to take and to play battle ships over the portable radio-stations and we had to all of this while doing a treasure hunt. We also went sledding, had a ship race on the river (ships we had to make our selfs) and after all this, we had to cook dinner for all 35 staff members.

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, so here are 242 photos: KISC

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KISC ep. 2

Like i said, the KISC show continues. Yesterday, the first half of the day was made up of free time during which we slept in, made a snow shark, and just got to know the place a bit. During the second part of the day we had the “Living @ KISC” training session, we got to know some of the other staff, we received our master keys and after it all we just chilled in the Staff Room.

Today however is a full day of training. We had the “rules and regulations” sessions with Mark and then got to know the Reception area where both the Reception team(Luath and Salvador) and the Programme team(Tom, Andrew, Paul, Hannes) work. And we also had a few minutes with Kaspar to talk about the administrative part. Hope i didn’t forget anyone 😛

That’s all for now, but the afternoon sounds processing with fire alarm procedures, but until we get to that, i’ll leave you with Skitzo the shark:

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Bogdan in Tara Cantoanelor

La sugestia mai multor prieteni am s? încerc s? fac un serial cu aventurile de la KISC.

A?adar, diagnosis Ziua 1: Am plecat de acasa la ora 7 ?i dup? cîteva aventuri pe avion ?i tren am ajuns la destina?ie. Pentru ca nu aveam de lucru azi am ie?it la o bere cu Staff-ul de sezonul pe terminate. Toat? seara m? uitam la ei ?i m? gândeam dac? a?a voi ajunge ?i eu peste 3 luni. 🙂

Am reu?it s? bag înc?rc?torul de la laptop în priz? f?r? adaptor, recipe î?i trimit o poz? Radu, ambulance dac? vrei. Dar am s? dau o fug? pe afar? pentru c? nu mai rezist înauntru. Asta e priveli?tea de la mine din camer?:

P.S.: de acum încolo serialul se va difuza în englez?, s? în?eleag? ?i colegii mei.

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