KISC ep. 9 – Camp Fire

Sunday we had a camp fire for the guests here at KISC. It was a really nice camp fire with a huge snow fall. During the campfire a few Pinkies had a short funny skit about what they would like to be if they were not in Kandersteg at the moment. Enjoy: seo ??????????? ????????????????? […]

KISC ep. 8 – Staff Stuff

As you’ve probably guessed from the title this episode is more “Pinkie” oriented (a pinkie is a Staff member at KISC). We’ve had 3 Night Out with all Staff members so far: games night at Blümlisalp, chocolate fondue night at the Centre and ice-cream night at Dessies. Dessies has the best ice cream in the […]

KISC ep. 6

After a really nice day yesterday (…it snowed so nice), today i am on duty. This means i have to stay close to the phone to answer any calls and/or questions. I would also have to do the check-ins after office hours if there are any and make sure everything is off. Also, i am […]