Simply Surprising, Romania – Land of Choice

The other day i got a movie invitation on facebook. It was about my country, Romania. I already knew that movie but it made me look for some more. So i’ll share with you the result of my search – i’m sure you’ll see a side of Romania not so many people know about. But first, let’s start with the movie from facebook:

And now, let’s start with the funny ones i have found on the web:

And moving on to the more serious ones…

So, are you convinced? Let me know when you’re coming to Romania… 😛

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Inginer, blogger, trainer, dar înainte de toate un voluntar implicat în comunitatea sa, Bogdan Pater este un entuziast cercetaș dedicat trup și suflet ideii de a schimba lumea în care trăiește într-una mai bună. În ultimii șapte ani, Bogdan a fost implicat în campanii de comunicare online pentru evenimente, companii și ONG-uri.


  1. Petra Ioana on 13 April 2010

    Bogdane, multumesc frumos ca mi-ai aratat aceste filmulete, chiar m-au facut sa zambesc. Am vazut Voronetul, Sucevita, Castelul Bran, chiar si Castelul Corvinilor, aici, langa mine, si m-am simtit mandra. Contrar tuturor celor spuse, auzite, vazute despre noi, romanii, si despre Romania, eu sunt mandra ca sunt romanca. Fiindca tara ca noi, nimeni nu are!:)

    • BogdiP on 14 April 2010

      anytime dear…

      …i’m also proud of being romaian 😀

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  5. Rodeons on 30 July 2010

    it was very interesting to read
    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

    • BogdiP on 31 July 2010

      Sure, just put a link at my article and it’s ok…


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