Seduction Course

Between 9 and 10 October i will be attending a “seduction” course held by Radu Seuche in Cluj.

Why “seduction”?

– because we live in society and we don’t just interact with the people around us but we actually depend on them;
– because strong relations with our pears are the key to success in both areas: personal and professional;
– because we are the biggest vendors: we sell our time, ideas, efforts and body every day and we expect maximum results;
– because the first impression counts.

I figure that a few extra non-verbal communication and people skills will only help in my future work as a trainer even if that will be just for Scouting and a bit of self control or personal branding elements will definitely be useful no mater what i will end up doing in the future. So, if you think you would also like to attend, you can find out more about the course here.

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Bogdan Pater

Blogger, trainer, de profesie inginer, dar înainte de toate un voluntar implicat în comunitate, dedicat ideii de a schimba în bine lumea în care trăiește. În ultimii ani Bogdan a fost activ implicat în campanii de comunicare online pentru instituții la nivel local și central, evenimente, companii și ONG-uri.

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