KISC ep. 8 – Staff Stuff

As you’ve probably guessed from the title this episode is more “Pinkie” oriented (a pinkie is a Staff member at KISC).
We’ve had 3 Night Out with all Staff members so far: games night at Blümlisalp, chocolate fondue night at the Centre and ice-cream night at Dessies. Dessies has the best ice cream in the world – it sure has the best I’ve had so far…

Also we had to make the Staff Board (a huge board with all our pictures). That didn’t go as smoothly as i first predicted but we finished it on time:

So, what do you think of the Staff Board?

Staff Members also have the possibility to join a few improvement teams. I have joined the PRMIT (PR & Marketing Improvement Team). As a member of the team i will set up a few social media services for the Center such as Google Alerts, install Google Analytics for the Center’s Facebook fan page and try to improve engagement from the Center’s Twitter account. All these will happen as soon as possible because we don’t have access to all of them just yet…

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Bogdan Pater

Inginer, blogger, trainer, dar înainte de toate un voluntar implicat în comunitatea sa, Bogdan Pater este un entuziast cercetaș dedicat trup și suflet ideii de a schimba lumea în care trăiește într-una mai bună. În ultimii șapte ani, Bogdan a fost implicat în campanii de comunicare online pentru evenimente, companii și ONG-uri.

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