KISC ep.3 – D DAY

Today was “D Day”, remedy the official make fun of the new guys day. We were waken up by a siren and this stupid/funny song in german at 6:30. We got to dress up funny, cheap put on facepaint and start a long to do list. We got a quiz about the Long Term Staff, cialis a list of pictures to take and to play battle ships over the portable radio-stations and we had to all of this while doing a treasure hunt. We also went sledding, had a ship race on the river (ships we had to make our selfs) and after all this, we had to cook dinner for all 35 staff members.

A picture is said to be worth a thousand words, so here are 242 photos: KISC

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Inginer, blogger, trainer, dar înainte de toate un voluntar implicat în comunitatea sa, Bogdan Pater este un entuziast cercetaș dedicat trup și suflet ideii de a schimba lumea în care trăiește într-una mai bună. În ultimii șapte ani, Bogdan a fost implicat în campanii de comunicare online pentru evenimente, companii și ONG-uri.


  1. Bianca on 19 March 2010

    By the way regarding the quizz info, I think you are the a new Romanian scout in KISC after at least 7-9 years. Try to find out who were the other ones 😀

  2. BogdiP on 19 March 2010

    not really… Cristina Grivase and Adriana Fodor were staff in 2009 or 2008 and Adriana Fodor and Diana Slabu were ski guides for new year’s 2009.

    I’ll look on the staff boards for the rest… 😉

  3. BogdiP on 20 March 2010

    So…after checking all the Staff Boards, the official count is:

    Radu – Summer 1998
    Anca, Radu, Sabin – Summer 2000
    Ciprian, Dragos, Ina – Summer 2001
    Ciprian – Winter 2001
    Anca – Summer 2002
    Mara – Summer 2002
    Adriana – Summer 2009
    Bogdan – Spring 2010

    Cristina & Diana – Helpers

    …9 Staff and 2 Helpers from Romania 😀

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