2010 April


Petra just gave me an award for my awesome blog. But to actually collect the prize i have to follow a few steps:

1. Blog about the award.
2. Give the award to 12 other blogs.
3. Provide a link for those 12 blogs.
4. Announce them trough a comment.
5. Write who gave you the award.

So, sickness my 12 awards go to: Alina, medical Iulia, buy Radu, Speedy, Yeti, Alice, Arhi, Cabral, Carco Scout, Laptopisetz, Lume Buna and Oradeanul.

Good luck guys!

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KISC ep. 11 – Smile of the Week

At KISC we vote every Monday for the “smile of the week“. Surprisingly, this week i got to be the smiley person. So i got as a bonus to write an article on the KISC Staff blog. Here it is:

Hi there,

It’s Bogdan Pater from Romania, your one and only source into the “scandalous” lives of KISC Pinkies.

Despite the Icelandic ash cloud KISC is still operating and at full throttle I might add. This is a very busy Spring season! Besides the usual daily cleaning, cooking and the special deep cleaning on top of the ongoing maintenance and overall preparations for Summer, we also have quite a few important meetings taking place at KISC. We’ve already had the World Scout Committee Meeting and the World Scout Bureau – Executives Directors and Full Staff Meeting and now it is the AGORA 2010 going on but there are also other events coming up.

Anyway, all this hard work could not be possible without some serious fun and partying in between. Things like Swiss wrestling, mini-golf and ice-cream night keep the Pinkies going and recharge our batteries so that we can run the Centre and keep the dream alive.

The whole KISC experience is awesome! Pink yourself by becoming staff here as soon as possible!

I don’t have space here to write all I would like to but I have a “Living at KISC” series on my personal blog where you can find out more over there.

You know you love me…

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Scout Camp – the movie

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Simply Surprising, Romania – Land of Choice

The other day i got a movie invitation on facebook. It was about my country, Romania. I already knew that movie but it made me look for some more. So i’ll share with you the result of my search – i’m sure you’ll see a side of Romania not so many people know about. But first, let’s start with the movie from facebook:

And now, let’s start with the funny ones i have found on the web:

And moving on to the more serious ones…

So, are you convinced? Let me know when you’re coming to Romania… 😛

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KISC ep. 10 – Bern

On my day off this week i went to Bern. To my surprise, it’s a really small town for a capital. I was used to London, Athens or even Bucharest – huge cites for their countries. Maybe that’s why i liked it so much here…

The day started really nice: i woke up and i saw the sun shining on the mountain near the moon.

After that, i got on the train and i was off to Bern. And the trip was mind-blowing because i went from white to green. From snow to grass. I walked trough the old city all day long on the street with the old fountains, got to see the bears, and went for lunch in the rose garden. And that reminded me of Timisoara in a way. It was nice. Then i went to the communication museum, and i really enjoyed that although it was probably aimed for a much lower age group. Pictures of all this are here. Right after the moon in the morning photo.

I also got to see the famous Bern clock tower at 12 sharp so i made a quick movie:

After all that, i went for a bit of shopping and now i can boast my first mammoth (this could also be considered a sequel to My First Paw then). It’s a pair of long pants that turn into short pants if needed. Really nice for spring-autumn.

Then, i met up with Salvador. Or at least i was supposed to – because in a true latino style he was a bit late. But, while i waited i managed to take a short film of the kids playing in the fountain:

When Salvador finally arrived we went to see a movie – I Love You Phillip Morris – that i very much recommend to everybody. The movie was hilarious, and the best part about it is that it really happened in real life in Texas back when W. Bush was governor – a gay con-artist that keeps getting in and out of jail by all means, even going so far as to frame his own death by AIDS. :))

And that was my day off. Life at KISC is so nice…

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